Gouffre de Padirac

Can’t believe I’ve never been here before – and this gaping hole in the ground is just the start. You reach the bottom, walk a bit, go in a boat and the walk and climb some more and see a 140 metre stalactite – and more. Amazing!

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  1. Oh great. You just had to add more cool sights (and sites) to lure me back to Bergerac. Guess I’ll be seeing you next spring. (This does look incroyable!)

    • You must come back, you will be back! – so much to see! We did an overnight. From Gouffre de Padirac where you can also take in Rocamador and Carrenac (another of France’s most beautiful villages)we went to Cahors for the camp site. Today we went to Fumel and Monflanquin. Monflanquin is ANOTHER bastide – but so different! We loved it and are going back. You, of course, could do it in 2 separate trips.

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